Visual Merchandising Wine & Spirits Packaging

In today’s market, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the clutter on the shelves and grab a customer’s attention. Consumers know that a nice bottle of wine or spirit makes an excellent gift, but they sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the choices. The problem at hand when selecting a bottle is choosing not only which one tastes the best, but also one that presents the best, and stands out against the competition. That’s where Printex Packaging comes in. Our plastic packaging design experts are sure to bring bursts of flavor to your wine and spirits clear plastic packaging that will make the product look just as good as it tastes. Our plastic packaging is also used when brand owners want a custom designed neck hanger, or on pack give away with purchase. Our neck hangers and promotional add on clear boxes are used for all kinds of tricky but effective promotional giveaways such as recipe books, ice cream scoops and mini liquor bottle packages. Our larger liquor gift boxes that could be an all plastic folding carton or a paper folding carton with a 3 sided rigid window are designed to hold a bottle plus promotional items, like martini glasses. Put the Printex Packaging talented design team to the challenge for your next promotional spirits package!