Transparent Food & Beverage Packaging

Since 1979, Printex has been dedicated to designing award winning, eye-catching plastic box packages that bring more attention to our clients’ products. For the food & beverage industry, this visual packaging approach is a vital part of the success of any given food or beverage package. Our goal for our transparent plastic food packaging is to look just as good as your product inside is going to taste when it’s enjoyed by the consumer. To do this, Printex Packaging has mastered the art of combining clear plastic window packaging and paperboard packaging to form a dynamic, innovative hybrid package that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also showcases the product on the inside. By integrating plastic food packaging with paper packaging, Printex can create a tempting, resplendent experience sure to satisfy any appetite.

Food safety goes hand in hand with food and beverage packaging, and Printex Packaging has always taken extra care to follow the regulations outlined by SAI Global. We’ve applied a consistent, thorough approach to our food and beverage packaging safety management procedures, which incorporates all of the latest government mandated regulations, and allows us to design all of our packages safely for our clients and end users.