Global Sustainable Packaging


Joel Heller founded Printex Packaging Corporation in 1979, three years after he invented and patented the manufacturing method for plastic folding cartons.  Earlier, as a packaging engineer for Colgate Palmolive in the 1950s and '60s, Joel became intrigued with discovering a way to utilize . Up until then, plastic, if folded, would crack or break. He and a Swiss colleague then pioneered the use of radio frequency to crease plastics. They launched this groundbreaking technology in Europe where, at the time, there was greater RF expertise, not to mention the availability of machines that could manufacture plastic containers. 

Printex’s earliest customers consisted of the cosmetic and textile industries which recognized plastic as the ideal visual vehicle to showcase products, particularly in point of purchase displays. Today, countless other industries have followed suit, benefitting from our commitment to continuous process and product improvement. Our clear visual packaging is not only ubiquitous but unsurpassed, combining innovative structures with eye-catching graphics to produce shelf-standouts.


Our Mission

As a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of quality packaging using plastics and other raw materials, Printex's overriding mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our proven success is based upon a work environment which encourages trust, cooperation, communication and continuous improvements in our products, our technologies, and our skillsets.