Printex Packaging Receives a Food Grade

For over 35 years, Printex Packaging has been producing visual packaging solutions for companies across a diverse range of industries, such as Health and Beauty and Home Entertainment. As the company has continued to grow, the demand for creative, attention-grabbing packaging has followed suit, and Printex has met the design challenges of their clients in stride. With a well-established reputation for high-quality work, Printex has expanded their product offering to include food packaging. Already garnishing high profile clients, such as Talenti Gelato and Hershey’s Chocolate Company, Printex has been steadily growing their clientele within the Food and Beverage market and is anticipating continued success.

As a packaging industry leader, Printex now complies with various food and safety procedures that are required by the wide range of customers they serve. Recently, facilities that produce packages for the Food and Beverage sector have been under the microscope more than ever, and with a focus on growth in this market Printex has been dedicated to factorymeeting the demands. Standards of cleanliness have grown stricter, and a greater emphasis has been placed on employee training, machine maintenance, and several other factors that 3rd party companies, such as SAI Global, audit on a yearly basis. The goal is to ensure that factories handling food packaging are practicing good manufacturing procedures and keeping the safety of the consumer the top priority.

Meeting the standards of these 3rd party companies has always been extremely important to Printex, and they have transformed their facility and culture to better serve the growing list of customers in the food industry. From adding specially made screens on windows to engineering ways to elevate storage units that would normally be on the floor, Printex has been sure to keep their facilities in compliance with food safety standards. Employees are also regularly trained on proper food packaging procedures, including the importance of hairnets and other safety equipment.

Company president David Heller believes that staying true to these procedures will not only open up doors to more work within the food industry, but help increase overall quality across all industries we serve. “We’re hoping that these food safety certifications diversify us into other food packaging,” said Heller. “These procedures now allow us to meet our customers requirements, and supply our high quality visual packaging not only to the Health and Beauty, but to the Fancy Food, Sweets and Candy, Food and Beverage markets as well.”