Rigid Window Pick and Place NOW AVAILABLE

23690414-d9b0-40e5-a876-b0e4369cf4bbPRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING now offers rigid clear window pick and place services in addition to its already extensive plastic folding carton offerings.

Plastic folding carton specialist Printex Transparent Packaging has expanded its lineup of plastic packaging products with the addition of a rigid window applicator that can apply a, one, two, three or four-sided window to paper folding cartons. The plastic window box is a natural extension for North Americas largest clear folding carton manufacturer. Now, in addition to clear folding cartons, set box lids, and plastic P.O.P. gravity feeders, the company also supplies and applies plastic windows to SBS cartons. The ability to combine the textures of paper and plastic has caught the attention of many brand owners and packaging designers.

Printex Transparent Packaging is one of the only companies in North America that can produce Soft Crease plastic folding cartons capable of running on automated filling lines. (Click Here to See Our Video ) These plastic folding cartons are produced in our Long Island, NY and Montreal, Canada manufacturing facilities, as well as an additional location in Schenzhen, China for those clients that pack in Asia.

When you partner with us, you’ll have a whole new world of visible plastic packaging options. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING has years of experience producing plastic folding cartons-as well as the plastic windows to give products that extra visibility on shelves. We have a track record of producing truly outstanding packages with a variety of decorations including offset print, hot foil stamping, cold foil, silk screen printing.

Take a look at our portfolio ( Printex - Transparent) to see how many different techniques we can offer you and your clients.

Contact us today. We’ll show you a whole new way to deliver customer satisfaction.

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Transparent And Printex Merge to Become North Americas Largest Clear Box Manufacturer


JULY 21, 2015

printex_tradeshowDave Dennison of Transparent Packaging and Dave Heller of Printex Packaging have announced the merger of their respective companies. The new company–PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING–is now the largest plastic box manufacturer in North America, delivering plastic folding cartons from its three design centres and two manufacturing plants within the U.S. and Canada. Domestic plastic packaging is now competing aggressively with producers overseas.

More and more companies such as Wal-Mart are choosing to re-shore production of their goods as manufacturing has become more feasible and affordable in North America. This merger works to keep valuable packaging jobs in Canada and the U.S. while offering producers of consumer products consistent quality and faster turnaround times. The newly combined company Printex Transparent Packaging is now uniquely positioned to supply the industry and bring even greater value to packaging on-shore.

Plastic box packaging is a specialized, competitive market. Brand owners are looking to differentiate and bring visibility to their products. Clear plastic packaging has been proven to increase consumer on shelf attention by 678%. Both TRANSPARENT PACKAGING and PRINTEX PACKAGING were known for their unique expertise in designing and producing eye catching packaging solutions with clear plastic. Now, with this merger, customers can benefit from their combined 60 plus years of experience.

Selling to the trade as a subcontractor and direct to consumer brand owners, PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING offers solutions that can be hand-packed or filled on automated packaging lines. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING also works with equipment manufacturers to help automate their client’s plastic folding carton assembly process.

Areas of specialization include:

-plastic folding cartons
-hybrid paper/plastic cartons
-Rigid clear/printed window affixing -Point of purchase displays

PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING services clients across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico from its production facilities in New York and Montreal, while also producing in China for overseas assembly.

Brands such as Glade, Sally Hansen, Chanel, Bacardi, Energizer, Crest, Hershey’s and more… choose PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING.
For more information, please go to our web sites , , call us at 1-800-461-8106 or 631-234-4300, or email us at 


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Printex Packaging Receives a Food Grade

For over 35 years, Printex Packaging has been producing visual packaging solutions for companies across a diverse range of industries, such as Health and Beauty and Home Entertainment. As the company has continued to grow, the demand for creative, attention-grabbing packaging has followed suit, and Printex has met the design challenges of their clients in stride. With a well-established reputation for high-quality work, Printex has expanded their product offering to include food packaging. Continue reading

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Printex Opens Up Another Window

For over 35 years, Printex Packaging Corp. has been a leading manufacturer of plastic folding cartons. We have built a solid reputation with our superior quality and service, which our customers have come to rely on. As an industry leader, Printex continues to innovate and expand on the visual packaging solutions we offer to now include paperboard cartons and displays with panoramic plastic windows. With the advent of our custom made pick and place machine, we have the flexibility to create a multitude of visual hybrid designs for clients across the myriad of industries the company serves.

Recently, Printex has begun expanding their product offering to include the Fancy Food, Candy & Sweets and Food and Beverage industries. Printexs’ clear plastic and windowed paperboard packaging can be ideal for many products within these markets.  Companies who traditionally had to hide their product within a paper carton are now able to have talentitheir food products front and center for consumers to see.  The Printex clear plastic or windowed carton can be placed on shelf or in the frozen food section of a grocery store.  Our panoramic windowed carton has helped companies such as Talenti Gelato differentiate their product and separate them from the competition and Printex from the rest of the packaging industry.

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Printex Wins NJPEC Bronze Award for Simply Slick Package

Printex Packaging was awarded the bronze award New Jersey Package Executives Club (NJPEC) 2013 Package of the Year ceremony for the design of Simply Slick’s latest package. This marks the second time in three years that the company has been recognized by the organization for innovative and eye catching packages. It’s made with Printexs’ snap cap technology, which allows for custom design to capture product and unlimited shapes.

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Printex Launches New Website and Joins the Social Media World

10Printex Packaging strengthens its web presence.

As an industry leader, Printex Packaging understands the ever increasing necessity of having a strong web presence. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of our new website and social media sites. As with our packaging techniques, our website encapsulates our ever innovative way of thinking. Simple navigation, crisp photography, and informative yet straightforward informational pages highlight our brand new site. We’ve also created a social media identity for ourselves, with new pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Youtube. These new pages give our customers unprecedented access to Printex news and product information.

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